Thule racks

Spending more time on the water with your boat likely means moving your boat to the water. We're convinced you'll do this more often when you have an easy and safe way to carry your canoe or kayak on your car. Safe is often the biggest concern and Thule racks do a great job of protecting your car, your boat, and everybody around you on the road. The Thule car and truck fit list is expansive and they offer fits that other rack manufacturers just can't. The options for carrying all kinds of gear is extensive too.

Thule engineers and designers have created a great car top carrying system. With the right rack you'll be able to safely carry your boats and gear. On the other hand, Thule does have load limit recommendations and we'll advise you of these as we help outfit you with the right rack. Good judgment is essential in maintaining safety and honestly, it might not be wise to follow our example although we will give you sound advice.