Grumman Canoes:

High quality aluminum canoes for those who want a stable, sturdy, low-maintenance vessel. Affordable, medium-weight boats that have proven themselves with paddlers and outfitters for decades. Below are the models we stock; we can special order their other boats, but delivery time tends to be lengthy.

Grumman 17


Length: 17' Width: 36" Depth: 13 1/8" Options: lightweight or standardweight

The Grumman 17' comes in lightweight, at 66 lbs, or standard weight, at 75 lbs. A stable, sturdy boat that is big enough for three adults, plenty of camping gear, or your St. Bernard (though maybe not all at once).

Grumman 15


Length: 15' Width: 35" Depth: 12 1/8"

Grumman's 15' lightweight weighs only 59 lbs and is perfect for day-trips, fishing, or just leaving down by your dock for the summer. Has two seats, but is small enough to paddle solo as well.

Grumman Square Stern


Length: 16' Width: 36" Depth: 13 1/4"

The 16' square stern makes a versatile boat, good for paddling or mounting a small motor. Weight is about 65 lbs.

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