Emotion Kayaks: Rigged for Fishing

Most Emotion Kayaks' Sit-inside models come equipped with adjustable foot bracing and have large, oversized cockpit openings for easy entry and exiting.

Glide Angler


Length: 9 ft in (292 cm) Width: 28 in (71 cm) Weight: 37 lbs (16.8 kg) *Weight capacity: 225-275 lbs (102-125 kg)

An affordable and lightweight fishing kayak at only 38 pounds. The hull of the Glide Angler was designed to be stable enough to land even the largest fresh and saltwater species, but with added efficiency to get away from the launch into the back country where the big fish hide. Easy to carry, easy to transport, easy to paddle, both beginners and experts will love this lightweight fishing kayak because of its maneuverability to sneak into even the tightest fishing spots. The bungy paddle holder makes switching from paddling to fishing and back again easy and efficient. Dual rod holders allow you to take along multiple rods. Sometimes less is more. This kayak is fully rigged to help you hook that trophy waiting out there.



Length: 9' 7" (292 cm) Width: 28" (71 cm) Weight: 37 lbs. (16.8 kg) *Weight capacity: 225 - 275 lbs. (102 - 125 kg)

Casting for Recovery is a national non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer, Casting For Recovery CFR provides fly fishing retreats at 37 locations around the United States. Their retreats are specifically designed for women who have or have had breast cancer. Their goal is to enhance the lives of breast cancer survivors by offering no-cost retreats tailored to promote and support mental and physical healing, shared experiences, and the hope that comes from learning new skills. Our hope is that kayaking can be a part of this healing process. Emotion Kayaks will manufacture a special edition kayak with the Casting for Recovery logo with proceeds from the sale being used to benefit the Casting for Recovery organization. Emotion Kayaks will donate a portion of each sale ($25) from each CFR kayak sold to Casting For Recovery. MSRP $550 Special Features not on standard Glide Angler Special Custom make up pink plastic (pantone color #226) Special Casting For Recovery Mold in Graphic on Bow. Replaces small Emotion Graphic. Substitute 2 Scotty fly rod holders with threaded mounts (#461) for standard flush mount rod holders. This is one of the only kayaks manufactured that feature fly fishing specific rod holders.



Length 10 ft 3 in (312 cm) Width: 30 in (76 cm) Weight : 44 lbs (20 kg) *Weight capacity: 250-275 lbs (113-125 kg)

Our dealers have been asking us for a new short recreational sit-on-top kayak with the perfect combination of speed and stability. From the moment we paddled the prototype we knew we had a potentially GREAT "pocket fishing kayak" as well. Hence, the 'Stealth' was born! The 'Stealth' comes standard with an oversize tank well to hold a milk crate and all the gear necessary to catch the big one, paddle ledge and strap, 3 rod holders (and room for more) and a built in adjustable seat is the perfect solution for maximum comfort during a full day fishing on the water. Not everyone needs a 14-foot fishing kayak designed to get you miles back into the most remote fishing spots. "Those days when you fish on small ponds, lakes or saltwater flats where you will paddle less than a mile in a whole day of fishing.. .The 'Stealth' is perfect." It is also ideal for kayak fishermen who want to throw a "yak" in the back of the truck and go. This is the fishing kayak for everyone, on any budget, targeting any species of fish. Shown here with integrated seat.



Length 12 ft 4 in (376 cm) Width: 31 in (79 cm) Weight: 52 lbs (23.5 kg) *Weight capacity: 250-325 lbs (113-147 kg)

Emotion took the wants and needs of many kayak fishermen to their designer Jim Snyder and he came through with this outstanding design! With its new added width and harder chines it will keep you steady even while fighting the big one. The sharp bow and well developed keel combine with those hard chines to keep theMojo Angler tracking true so getting to and from your favorite fishing holes is effortless. This design is focused on expert's needs, but it also has everything a beginner could want in a fishing kayak: speed, stability and exceptional tracking – with generous sizing. The tank well is large enough to easily accommodate all of your fishing gear for a day on the water and the bow hatch allows access to the inside of the boat to store rods or other essentials. The Emotion Kayaks' signature paddle keeper ledges keep your paddle secured out of the way, yet easy to access when you need it. The adjustable seatback and footbraces let you dial in the comfort, just what you need to spend hours chasing the big one. A really exceptional feature the Mojo Angler offers is the unique adjustable console. The console can be brought close to your seat so your GPS, drink, rod holder and dry box are at your fingertips while fishing, or can be slid out of the way for paddling or removed when you don't need it. This boat is designed and built by people who love kayak fishing and is so fast and quiet that the fish won't have any idea what snuck up on them. If you want a great day on the water, the Mojo Angler brings the Magic.

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