Bell Canoes: Whitewater

Whitewater canoes for the serious paddler who wants the most performance available for running the big stuff. Short, deep and highly rockered to promote easy turning, these whitewater canoes are fun and will help you build great paddling skills. Solo boats give you the freedom to go anywhere you want, but tandem whitewater canoes can't be beat for the fun (and challenge) of teamwork.



Ocoee Length: 11'2", Width 29", Weight 41 lbs. 6" Freeboard: 500 lbs.

Arguably the most sought after Royalex® whitewater canoe, period. Formerly produced by Dagger®, the Ocoee's flat-bottomed hull and drastic rocker surf and spin with ease. The hard edges carve crisp eddy turns and lend an element of liveliness to the hull for all types of paddling.



Length: 14.4' Width:32" Weight:b56lbs., 6" Freeboard: 850 lbs.

The Nexus, incorporates the features and innovations found in the Prodigy, but in a hull scaled for two. It is a great tandem playboat and river runner, and outfitted for solo paddling, is an excellent whitewater river tripper.



Prodigy Length:11' 7" Width: 29", Weight: 42lbs., 6" Freeboard: 550 lbs.

A great new solo whitewater canoe design from Bob Foote and Dave Yost, the Prodigy is a boat made to do it all and do it well. Small enough for good surfing and playing, but long enough to have decent speed and tracking, the Prodigy excels in nearly all downriver boating situations. Flare in the bow help keep waves out of the boat, and a harder chine aft than forward gives the ability to carve turns without getting too edgy. Available with wood or vinyl trim; factory outfitted with pedestal, pads and straps or un-outfitted.

Prodigy X


Length: 12'4"ft. Width: 30"max Weight: 47lbs 6" Freeboard: 650lbs.

The same acceleration and glide of the Prodigy, but in a boat scaled for larger-framed paddlers. The Prodigy X adapts the balanced sheer and differential rocker of its brethren with proportional volume distribution so everyone can benefit from the Prodigy's outstanding design and performance.

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