Bell Canoes: Touring

Bell Canoe Works is the maker of the finest canoes in almost every category. Their pedigree for composite tripping and freestyle canoes is unmatched throughout the industry combining design, construction and fine finish work. Bell's Royalex boats are built using a variable thickness sheet of royalex, making them lighter and tougher than most other brands. Bell has a pro, whitewater and racing canoe heritage as well.

All of Bell's composite canoes are available in two laminations; Kevlight, and Blackgold. Kevlight is the lightest standard option offered. It is a pure kevlar laminate with Foam reinforcements in the hull and sides. Blackgold is Bell's premier lamination. A combination of ultra stiff carbon and resilient high tensile strength kevlar gives the boat amazing rigidity and equally amazing toughness. One of the toughest most bombproof canoes on the market.

Bell Canoes standard tripping canoes are offered in two basic trim options. Wood or aluminum. The wood trim boats come with white ash in and outwhales and black walnut thwarts, yoke and end plate. Aluminum boats have white ash thwarts and yoke. Both trims have white ash cane seats.



Northshore Length: 20'6", length to width ratio of 7.7

The Northshore puts the family back into paddling. With two, three, four and five seating options, there's room for everyone.



Northwoods Length:18.5' Width:36" Weight: 46-51lbs. Capacity:1200lbs

The NorthWoods holds all the gear necessary to sustain a pair of serious backcountry addicts for weeks on end. Plus, it's a fantastic family canoe for kids and the family pet. Its confident handling characteristics and speed are welcome under loads. Available options: center seat; bow slider; kneeling thwart; camp rig.



Northwind Length:17.5' Width:36" Weight:42-47 lbs. Capacity:1100lbs

The NorthWind is our most popular tandem for flatwater tripping. It offers proven performance and reassuring stability for all kinds of applications. Remarkably maneuverable for its size, the NorthWind will also surprise with its speed. It is a joy in currents and choppy conditions. Available options: center seat; bow slider; kneeling thwart.

Merlin II


Merlin II Length:15' Width:29" Weight:31-33lbs Capacity:650lbs

We offer the Merlin II for the paddler who desires the feel of a composite solo cruiser but doesn't want to sacrifice all-around performance. It swiftly slices through mile after mile of flatwater. Differential rocker provides crisp turning and efficient corrections in wind and waves. Available options: foot braces.



Rockstar Length: 15.5 Ft. Width: 31" Weight 32/35/49 lbs. River touring canoe for the larger load. Comes in KevLight, Black Gold, and Royalex



Eveningstar Length: 16.5 ft. Beam: 38" Weight: 46/50/68 lbs. Comes in KevLight, Black Gold, and Royalex Full volume, perfect for larger paddlers, like all Eddylines the Fathom glides effortlessly, and is still very responsive.

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