Bell Canoes: Performance Touring

The performance touring category includes the canoes in the Bell line-up that are designed to inspire you to put in time and miles on the water wether loaded or unloaded. These boats can handle a lot of different situations so they aren't specialized in the same way that many other performance touring boats might be. You can trip, you can go go for an afternnon cruise, paddle lake or river and enjoy a sporty feel. With Bell, canoe performance is often a matter of emphasis so they create great all-around canoes that open up a world of paddling opportunity and then add distinctive flavor that can satisfy your taste for one kind of paddling or another. These are your "sportscars".



Angler length: 14'4", Width 37", Weight 58 lbs.

The Angler is rigged with comfortable padded seats with back rests and that bow seat even swivels. It is rigged to make it easier to fish and the hull is shaped to help you more easily turn the boat by yourself from either fishing and paddling station so you can help each other line up and reel in that trophy fish.



Magic Length:16' Width:29 Weight:32-38 Capacity:650lbs

A quiet, fast, and seaworthy hull are three features solo paddlers love about the Magic. It covers distances effortlessly. In wind and waves the Magic exhibits the control and maneuverability of a much shorter craft, yet holds a line without wandering. Available options: footbraces.

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