Bell Canoes: Classic

Bell Canoe Works is a company that became well established as Minnesota based boat builder. They sank firm roots in that state, a place known by paddlers throughout the country for the Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoe Area. In Minnesota, tripping canoes will always have a protected place in the hearts and minds of serious paddlers. The Joe Seliga canoes built in Ely were very special to the area and considered classics just as the Canadian Chestnut Prospector was to many a paddler whose home base was farther north. The classic Bell canoes use the wood canvas shapes of two tried and tested and revered designs as the launching forms for high tech modern substitutes.

Seliga Tripper


Length: 17' Width: 36" Waterline: 32.5 Weight: 44/48 lbs. 6" Freeboard: 1050 lbs., Optimal Max. Load: 650 lbs.

Classic tripping canoe from Joe Seliga, renowned builder of the Seliga Wood and Canvas Canoe. This is an inspired rendition in carbon/kevlar or kevlar light. Not only does it paddle beautifully and look like a classic should look but, at 44-48 lbs. you can carry it anywhere you might want to travel.

Chestnut Prospector


Chestnut Prospector Length: 16' Width: 35" Waterline: 32.5" Weight: 41/45/65 lbs.6" Freeboard: 980 lbs., Optimal Max. Load: 600 lbs.

The Ultimate in Versatility. This boat has been tweaked just a bit from the original Chestnut Prospector, opting for a shallow arched hull instead of a round hull giving the paddler more initial stability. With 2.5" of rocker in both the bow and stern this canoe also turns on a dime. Day Paddling or Wilderness Tripping the Prospector will take you anywhere you might want to drift.