Bell Canoes: River Touring

The river touring category includes the canoes in the Bell line-up that are designed with symmetrical hulls so that performance forward and backward are the same and therefore more predictable in current. . Yes, these boats are versatile. You can use them in many ways including for long camping trips in lake country with many portages. But these hulls are a bit more full to help float you through those less predictable surges in current that can be part of the river paddling story. These aren't dedicated whitewater boats, they are versatile river touring canoes.



Alaskan Length: 17', Width 36.5", Weight 72 lbs. 6" freeboard 1150 lbs., Optimal Max Load 700 lbs.

The Alaskan was created for those big Artctic watershed trips when you might carry mutiple weeks worth of gear and need a seaworthy hull that can handle big lake and river current. It isn't intended to be a boat for everybody. As with the rest of the Bell line, you can do a lot with it, but it's a workhorse of a boat.



Length:15.5' Width:36" Weight:36-41lbs. Capacity:950lbs

The MorningStar is at home on all types of water. It maneuvers nimbly due to its shorter length, but will hold plenty of gear for a long weekend trip. Crossover tandem and solo capability make this the perfect cabin canoe and pocket tripper. Available options: center seat.



Bell Yellowstone Length: 15'6 Width: 35 max- 31 gw-32 wl Weight: 63lbs. 6" Freeboard 950lbs, Optimal Max. load: 550 lbs.

With 3" of rocker in the bow and 2" in the stern the Yellowstone is a very fine tandem River Tripping Canoe. Set it up with a kneeling thwart, you have a great Solo Expedition River Tripper.

Yellowstone Solo


Length: 14ft. Width: 30"max Weight: 29-32lbs 6" Freeboard: 650lbs, Optimal Max. Load 280

Classic river canoe performance with 1" less rocker in the stern for better tracking and glide. Sitting drops standard. We will cut them down for kneeling if you prefer.

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