Hi Folks,

Here is what's happenin': As you likely know, the business formerly known as The Paddlin' Shop was opened in 1992 as Carl's Paddlin', a reincarnation of the little business (Carl's Canoes) that I started and ran out of my family's barn, back in 1970, closed it's doors in Sept. 2009. Now, so many of you good people have expressed an interest in seeing the shop continue in some form that I have decided to bring it back in a form that resembles its humble origins.

Looking at my original business plan, I see that the first goal was to create a comfortable place that paddlers could come, hang out, talk paddlin', and maybe even swap a few jokes, even if they had no current need for new equipment or repairs to their experienced stuff. I'd like to thank John Haugen-Wente for keeping that feeling alive in the shop for the past seven years while he owned the business and I was working part time.


Carl's Paddlin' has a new home right here in the little Wisconsin River town of Lone Rock, where I live. We have found a good used building that "Needs a little work". With building permit in the window we have started reworking the electrical and heating systems and taking out some walls to make room for canoes and kayaks.

Thanks for paddlin'